I can help!

Where to find me:
Instagram: @majeigh
Email: info@majeigh.com

And now, how I can help you:

I know these things are so random, but I am Jane of all trades and these are the things I can do.  And oh, did I mention I can cook too?

Virtual PA
Do you not like chores?  Well, I love it!  I could run errands all day long.  Do you feel your life needs order?  Do you often find yourself struggling or agitated trying to put all the papers you need to renew your passport?  Apply for a visa?  Moving houses and need to close your DEWA?  Need all the papers for your child to transfer into a new school?  Are you one of those people who's got 836294729467 emails in your inbox?  Do you need someone to manage your time and make sure you don't miss any of your appointments?  Fret not, that's something I've been doing over the last 14 years and I am going to put order back in your life.

Tour Buddy/Travel Buddy
You wanted to see Dubai or need some guidance before your trip to decide how you wanna spend your holiday here.  Or perhaps, I can give you tips on the places I've been to.  I've started traveling in my early twenties and have been to 40 countries so far.

Relocation Buddy
New in Dubai and doesn't know where to begin?  Or perhaps, you're considering of moving to Dubai but would love to chat with someone who knows Dubai.

Design Services
Really wanna decorate your home/restaurant/shop or whatever space you have but don't really have the budget to hire a professional?  I offer free consultation and would love to help!  Home Decor and Styling Services is something I am passionate about.

Beauty Services
Yes... I can do beauty as well.  Take it from someone who's had all the rainbow colors in her hair. I've been Blonde, Red, Brunette and all sort of Rainbows.  I have used and abused my hair over time and drank peroxide for breakfast but surprisingly my hair is still in good condition.  So, I must really know what I'm doing :)   I wouldn't lie, I screwed it up at some point by pushing my hair to it's limits and I've obviously learned from that.  I've tried it on myself so you won't have to.  And there's nails, I can do gel nails!  I'm not into nail art, but more the plain and simple gelish nails.