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I can't believe it's almost a year!  I'm trying to update my blog as soon as I can but I've got so many things going on and just forgets about this blog.

So, this is where we've spent our Christmas last year.  And I did another 7 trips after this which I need to start working on and upload on my blog.

It was our first time to take our boys on a cruise, unlike the first one with Karsten which ended up in disaster.  This one actually worked really well.

We arrived in Helsinki, Finland and booked ourselves a 3 days Christmas Cruise to Stockholm, Sweden.  Food was amazing, we had a fullboard package and we get to choose from several restaurants available on board.  Loads of fun activities for the kids, we even get to do a Christmas Countdown with Santa on the 24th.  And with all this chaos, I even managed to squeeze in a hours appointment at the spa.

Finland was a lot of fun and a very good location to travel from.  From there, we took another cruise to Tallinn, Estonia.  Public Transport is reasonable and very accurate.

But, it was pretty cold!!!  As expected, I guess.

I was hoping to catch a glimpse of the Aurora Borealis but we had to go further north and it was just too cold.

Something that fascinates me is the Sunrise and Sunset.  This is the shortest day we've ever experienced.  Sunrise about 10-11am, sometimes we don't even see the sun - but a sheer brightness that makes it look like day time and sunset between  2-3pm.

It was just dark, I'm sure it's quite depressing for some and I get it - but it was a fascinating experience for me.

It was nice skating at 3pm in the dark, drinking our hot chocolates and eating hotdogs :)

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