Travel: Four Seasons, Seychelles

This property is beautiful beyond words, The Four Seasons Resort Seychelles is one of the most beautiful resorts I've ever been.  And this beauty surely comes with a hefty price tag of EUR 1,200 per night for their standard garden view villa which I guarantee is worth every penny if it's something within your budget.

Clearly not within my budget, you see - I don't think I can justify paying 6000 euros just for accommodation and that's before tax which is another 25% of the cost.

And since we couldn't afford to stay here, I wouldn't pass a chance to see the resort at least considering we're already in town.  What better way to see it than dine and at least try their food.  So Alex and I booked our table and tried their newly opened restaurant called Kannel.  I wouldn't say the food is overpriced considering the location and quality  but yes you have to be ready to pay to dine here too.

The Four Seasons is tucked in a secluded island built around a mountain, the resort is quite massive and you'll need a buggy to get around.

Oh and did I say they've got the best beach spot around Seychelles?  We've been to the entire island and visited every beach spot.  What sets it apart is the quality of sand and the fully manicured beach.  They've got the finest, softest sand - I don't know if you've been to Jumeirah Beach Hotel but it's the same quality around the Pavilion spot.  Yes, there's a difference and my feet can feel it!

So yeah, if this is something within your budget - you just really have to try it!

Fancy swimming with a Stingray?

How about an Island Wedding?

Kannel Bar

On the way to Kannel

Red Snapper Ceviche 5/5

Dark Chocolate and Mint Milkshake/Raspberry Milkshake 3/5

Grilled Job Fish 5/5

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