Not your ordinary Valentines Day.

The day started out as a lazy day, it was Friday the 13th and all I had in mind is to enjoy a quiet time at home and have a decent lunch at one of my favorite restaurants then enjoy the luxury of an afternoon nap.  Yes, we planned to celebrate on the 13th and not the 14th!  You see, Alex and I have been together for 10 years and didn't feel it would be practical to splurge on a meal that would normally cost half the price when there's no occasion.

I'm not the easiest person to surprise, and little did I know - Alex planned an entire day to do all things I like.  Wow, it was almost like a dream except even better because it really happened and worked out better than expected.  This is the first time in 10 years that he managed to surprise me after several attempts.

So, first stop was a chic breakfast which we skipped since I wanted to keep my appetite ready for lunch.  Then Alex took me shoe shopping, he'll never ever get me a pair of shoes because he knows how picky I am and my size at Louboutin is never consistent.  Didn't find anything interesting in my size and left for lunch.

We had lunch at the Thai Kitchen, Park Hyatt Hotel and had the most amazing food with an equally awesome view.  By the way, I prefer lunch over dinner!

Alex didn't allow me to go home without a pair of shoes so he convinced me to visit another outlet and there I found Fifi in my size, it's not what I planned on buying but it was a pleasant surprise because seriously - how often do you find a classic pair in 120mm and in your size?  Almost impossible!

And finally we've decided to go for a walk at the Box Park and there I found a Nike shop that just opened and to my surprise - they have Nike Roshe's in black.  I'm no sneakerhead but this is something I've been looking for in months.  Nothing special about it, just a very basic comfortable black pair of running shoes that was out of stock most of the time.

So there you have it, my super awesome Valentines Day.  Not just your ordinary dinner date, but an entire day dedicated to please me!  Thank you Alex for all your effort, I love you oh so much!