Travel: Kempinski, Seychelles

We stayed at the Kempinski Seychelles Resort, Baie Lazare on the south of Seychelles.

What we liked about the resort:

Location, beautifully located in a secluded spot around the mountains - very private.  The resort is stunning and it has its own private beach.  Yes, beaches in Seychelles are open to public even if it's in front of a resort unless the resort is secluded and fenced by mountains which makes it inaccessible to the public.  In comparison to Dubai, if it's in front of the resort they usually have securities/fences that restricts people who are not staying in the property from using their 'private beach' facility.

And speaking of facilities, they have really good facilities too and loads of activities available from water sports, horse riding, yoga and turtle feeding - they have enough things to keep you busy during your stay.  They are the only resort in Seychelles that has an Olympic size swimming pool, but that doesn't matter to me really but just in case you're interested and an avid swimmer :)

The rooms are really beautiful, and when they say it's a beach front room - they really mean it.  Like, just open your garden door and the beach is just right in front of you.

Their award winning spa, is just oh so tranquil and lives up to its standard.  They have separate individual treatment rooms which looks like native houses and state of the art facilities.  Their massage beds are somewhat like a very comfortable hospital bed with all the buttons to adjust it, a little wider than your usual spa bed and has a really good mattress.  And the service, impeccable!

And now we move to, what we did not like about the resort:

Location, yes it can be a good thing and bad thing at the same time.  It's bad if you stay there for over 3 days, if you're a foodie.  You'll get tired of the food.  They have 4 food outlets and a room service on top.  Windsong Restaurant/Beach Bar, Cafe Lazare where they serve breakfast and dinner (buffet style), Planters Bar and Lounge where they serve typical pub grub and L'Indochine their signature restaurant that serves seafood.  We've tried them all.  None of them out of the ordinary.  And their signature restaurant was quite a disappointing experience, food is very ordinary and isn't very flavorful.  And quality is quite questionable, usually at a fine dining restaurant you'd be informed if an ingredient isn't available or sometimes won't even serve it.  At L'Indochine, they just served it without even informing you and when we asked we were just told it wasn't available.  You see, I'm quite particular with my food.  It's a very simple salad with avocado.  And the avocado is missing.  The reason we ordered this salad is because of the avocado and if the avocado isn't there, then it isn't certainly anything I'd consider ordering.  Then comes my prawn cake, started eating and suddenly there's this thing I can't quite munch.  And guess what it is?  A small rolled paper.  So yeah, it was really disappointing.  The Chef came over to apologize, he was really nice and offered us desert but sadly it'll never be enough to change our not so appetizing experience.

Customer Service, it's almost non existent.

The bed, it is really pretty and extremely comfortable but it's squeaking really loud.  Like when you're sleeping and you toss and turn, it squeaks.  Now I'm not saying all rooms are like this but it's just unfortunate we ended up with room 211.  So, please - avoid this room.

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