Thailand #NoFilter

Hello Everyone!  Sorry for disappearing for the last couple of months, it's been incredibly busy at work and at home.  But something to look forward to, we've just finished redesigning our house for the 125258th time!  I know we keep redesigning and I don't seem to manage to post any of the changes but I'm happy to announce that it's over!  And hopefully, I can start posting pictures soon.  So, I'll keep all these info for the next post.

And as you can see, I sort of redesigned my website too and hopefully I can manage to keep it updated.

So, I was hoping to take some pictures of our house today and finally got my camera out of the hiding box.  Eversince i-Phone, I've completely forgotten the purpose of my camera most especially when we travel.  It's just so easy and convenient to use the camera phone instead.  I've completely forgotten I brought my camera with us during our trip in Thailand last December so I was quite surprised and fascinated to see few more pics from our last family trip.

I know it's so last year but I just have to share it so I've decided to upload the 'Thailand #NoFilter' version of our last Family trip.

Thailand is simply amazing and beautiful beyond words!

Watch this space!  Next on Majeigh's W♠nderland:

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-And hopefully, an Outfit Post!