Majeigh's Wonderland

Tucked in, in a faraway land called Mirdif lies my hidden sanctuary, Majeigh's Wonderland!

Not too big, but not too small.  Just the perfect size for my small family of four.

We moved to Mirdif 4 years ago when we had our first son, Karsten.  Eversince, our home has evolved from one season to the other.  Our home is nothing far from my clothes, I easily get tired of the same look so we keep redesigning.  One room at a time.

And to be honest with you, our house doesn't look very much like this anymore.  These images were taken late last year and I have just not been able to manage to keep track of all the changes we did over the past 4 years so I have decided I might as well post this now since it's all I have.

Our house is about to go through some serious changes again for the next 2 months.  Both my husband and I are a little bored with the current look of the bedroom, so we've just decided to paint the walls and get rid of my shoe rack.

And here's a quick look of our first apartment together!

For the last 4 years, we've changed our bed twice, the kids bed thrice, our couches twice and the dining chairs thrice.  We are now in search for our third bed :)


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