Le Outfit Post version 2014

Hello 2014! I'm a little bittersweet bidding goodbye to 2013 as it has been extremely incredible, but hey!  Life only gets better, right?

2013 has been such an amazing year in all aspects of my life - family, work, relationship, social life, everything! And as a bonus, I managed to travel 6 times last year - which is twice as much as I planned to and visited 5 new countries :)  Now, that's uh-mayyyy-zingggg!  Considering I'm trying to match the countries I've visited with my age.

I guess this year would be a bit of a challenge trying to achieve that considering a new challenge I have at work.  So here's me hoping my challenges at work won't ever affect my personal life.

And not only that, this year I'll be bidding goodbye to my twenties!  So I should be updating this blog soon from 'Mom in heels in her late 20's' to 'Mom in heels in her early 30's' :)

I just can't believe I'll be 3-0 this year!  I still feel like a teenager trapped in an aging body injected with so much responsibilities and am totally nailing it!

Cheers to you all and have an amazing 2014!

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