The Food Post

Hello everyone!
I've got thousands of photos to upload!  Been struggling to balance my hectic life and trying to have time for everything!  But time isn't clearly enough :)
So here's a late post and hopefully I'll be back and up to date in a couple of weeks time.  I've got so many things to post from last year!  Yes, that much I have left to post!  The so many gorgeous events, work trip and casual dinings.  So, watch this space!
Haven't really tried new things lately, so here's your usual dose of 'What's on my plate'

Gyoza @ Bentoya

Dubai ISO/Foie Gras Sushi @ Bentoya

Sinful choice @ Carluccio's

Ultimatae feast @ Bennigan's

Date night @ home

Chx Lettuce Wraps @ Noodle House

Fisherman's Plate @ Fish & Co.

Roast of the day @ Irish Village

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