Spring Clean Success

Are you having a great difficulty parting ways with your clothes?  Do you find yourself staring at your wardrobe not knowing what to wear because of the crazy amount of clothes you have and yet you end up wearing almost the same clothes every time?

Parting ways with my clothes is one of the most difficult tasks I encounter each year, with the countless amount of sales and promos Dubai has to offer - filling your wardrobe comes in completely effortless and before you knew it, you just simply can't close the doors once more no matter how many times you try and do wardrobe cleaning each year.

I just simply hate getting rid of my clothes, I have this weird thing of suddenly wanting the particular clothes I got rid of, the moment I get rid of them.  The moment it's gone, I suddenly come up with thousands of ways to wear the particular clothes I parted ways with.

So I stumbled upon this 'Should I keep it? Decision Tree' and thought it's complete genius!  I am so looking forward to try this and will keep you posted! 

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