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Where did you get your specs from?

I've been wanting to blog about this for ages but somehow I always forget about it.  Until such time I've lost my cat eye pair and now happily reunited with it, I guess it's about time I blog about it.

I've lost my cat eye pair last month and was too desperate and heartbroken and thought I'd never find it again, it seemed easier to just move on and get another pair and that's how I ended up with Baroque.  A week after this acquisition, I've decided to continue my search and phoned the hotel where I thought was the last place I've worn my specs before it went missing...  And after 5 hours, I've received a call and they've confirmed I left it there...  Yeah, I should've thought of that before buying another pair!  Anyway, I was very happy to have my Cat Eye pair again...

I was just so desperate to get a replacement because that was the week we were travelling...  I couldn't even return the Baroque since I've already replaced its lens.  And here I am happily stuck with Prada VS Prada.

So yeah, to answer your questions - both specs are from Prada from last years collection.  Both pairs are originally sunglasses which I've converted to reading glasses :)

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