Le Fleamarket de la France

If only Fleamarkets in Dubai were much like this...  I did try to pull this off once but it didn't work, people were in awe and thought I was crazy.  I did manage to sell a Louis Vuitton Alma though so that's good.  But obviously in France, majority of the items are 'real deal vintage' whereas when I say VINTAGE, handbags are atleast 15 - 30 years old or even older!  Unlike in Dubai where 'Vintage' is classified as something like 'Oh, I have atleast 20 designer handbags and this one is so last season - I just really have to get rid of it'.

Almost bought the Hermes but thank God I got back to my senses :)  It's just simply not the right time, just yet!  Although, 3400 euros sounds like the most reasonable thing on earth!

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