Back to M.A.C

Have you ever heard of M.A.C's recycling program called 'Back to M.A.C'?  It's the most rewarding recycling program you would ever come across!

It's very simple and really amazing, all you have to do is return 6 empty M.A.C items to any M.A.C shop and in return you get M.A.C Lipstick for free!

It could be anything, from the skincare range to cosmetics - empty foundation bottles, mascara, blusher, lipstick whatever empty M.A.C items you have and you can even mix match it so long it's 6 items.

Yesterday, I've returned 4 empty lipsticks, a mascara and a moisturizer.  You get to choose the shade of lipstick you want, depending on availability.  I got GIRL ABOUT TOWN!

So next time you finished any M.A.C items, don't just throw it - collect it and get a lipstick for free :)

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