Happy 28th!

Yay, I'm 28 today :)
Thank you so much for all the birthday wishes!
There's nothing I could possibly wish/want but for things to stay as it is as I am at my happiest right now!  I have an amazing family, a great job, a super Nanny, good health, really awesome friends and a closet full of shoes!  What else is missing if you have all that?

All I want is for my life to continue as it is, I am happily contented at this stage of my life!
And what could be better than this?  I'm halfway through my pregnancy, 20 weeks down and 20 weeks to go!


  1. What else? ANOTHER CLOSET FULL OF SHOES!!! haha
    Happy birthday Majeigh xoxox

  2. Happy Birthday! you look gorgeous!! amazing accessoires and colors!!
    romwe giveaway on my blog:)

  3. Ate!! Didn't know you're preggers! Congrats!!! :)