The Farm

I found an ultimate heaven in Dubai!

Now all I need is a beautiful weather to enjoy dining outdoors and make the most of out of this beautiful eatery...

Tucked in the middle of the desert, The Farm is definitely one of a kind.  It has such a relaxing environment, I could imagine myself lounging here all day, enjoying a cake and reading a book (book? maybe a magazine)... 

They serve a lot of organic food, in quite a small portion.  Well, I'm a big eater so I think it's small :)  But I'm sure it's just the right portion.  They also sell a lot of organic goodies, from cereals to milk, pasta, veggies & fruits and so many other stuff.

We were there for breakfast but will soon try the lunch menu :)

The Farm is located in the Al Barari Compound off Emirates Road.  I can guarantee, it is worth the drive!


  1. ohh..what a lovely place. will definitely try this one. what are the prices like?

    1. Breakfast for 2 cost us about 200/-. We had some bread, eggs, sausage, mushrooms, yoghurt, fresh juices and sparkling water.