The IN & OUT experience

A couple of weeks ago, I've been invited to try the In & Out beauty experience.  

Every age has its own beauty and well-being. Rediscover the perfect balance with In & Out Anti-Aging Treatment.

With time, both our well-being and our skin begin to feel destabilized and degenerated. The external imbalances that start to show in the form of tiredness and lack luster skin is often caused by internal dysfunction within our bodies. In & Out, the latest innovative skincare brand from Switzerland offers a unique approach to skincare that promotes the balance of beauty and wellness both inside and out.

At the heart of its revolutionary skincare concept is the infusion of essential oil concentrates that work in synergy with specific cosmetics and food supplements containing pure plant extracts. The extraordinary benefits derived from these powerful active ingredients deliver triple action results that delay the skin’s aging process, keeps intact the body’s inner health and stimulates the body’s natural defenses.

In&Out Anti-Aging Treatment range is fortified with biotechnological and/or natural ingredients to attack the free radicals inside our bodies that are responsible for the degeneration of cells and thus of aging. Simultaneously it hydrates and protects the skin from external aggressions. Day after day, the gentle treatments that are bursting with revitalizing and anti-oxidative ingredients act effectively in synergy with the natural characteristics of our bodies to restore balance and harmony to skin and body.

Founded in 2006 by French entrepreneur Alain Obadia, In & Out is manufactured out of Innovative Biotechnologies Laboratories in Switzerland to the highest standards of quality, precision and performance. With a strong collaboration with the University of Ferrara in Italy, renowned for its Research & Development of new skin care technologies, In & Out integrates the latest technologies and ingredients for efficient, innovative and luxurious skin care and wellness treatments.

Through its flagship boutique in Madison, New York and upcoming presence in leading department stores in United States, and now the Middle East, In & Out offers its clientele customized treatment programmes with on-going after-sales treatment advice to help them achieve their beauty and wellness objectives anywhere and at anytime in the world.

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