Christmas at The V's!

How did you celebrate Christmas this year (Well, technically last year!)?  We've celebrated Christmas four times this year!  We've started off with a dinner at home on the 24th evening followed by another dinner at my parents around midnight, lunch at my in-laws on the 25th and we've hosted a Christmas party for our friends on the 30th.

Above are the images taken during our dinner at home, I was originally going to prepare seared Foie Gras for our mains but ended up with king scallops because Lafayette Gourmet run out of Foie Gras and only had their delivery around 5pm which is already too late for me.

Our meal is supposed to be light in order to prepare ourselves for the main dinner at midnight but somehow ended up feeling so stuffffffed!

And that's my gorgeous little man on the bottom, he's turning 2 next week :)

Merry Christmas everyone!

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