Galeries Lafayette AW'11

 Fashion Express Show celebrates its AW11 collection from international fashion capitals including Dubai

The Fashion Express Fashion Show that rolled into Galeries Lafayette, the Dubai Mall on Monday October 17th 2011: brought together 10 Fashion Stylists to put together a show conveying looks from five destinations - London, Shanghai, Paris, Dubai and New York - in a concept that distilled international fashion trends with local influences into a cosmopolitan showcase.

Each country's specific look and collection was tailored by 2 Fashion Experts, who collaborated to execute ten looks for each country.  Every country showcased seven female looks and three male ones.  Wadih El Najjar and Huda Kattan were the creative force behind a Hipster in London, with Anoud Badr and Ushi Sato shaping an Electric Shanghai, Dina El Fares and Teresa Karpinska creating a Bohemian Paris, Fanny Massoutre and Dina Daoud expressing a Glam Dubai: and Derek Khan along with Christina Linza breathing life to a Preppy New York. 

This show was so successful that I ended up standing towards the end of the catwalk! 

Show = oversold!  No seats to be found at 8 pm sharp!

I was so happy when I received the invitation and saw that it starts at 8 pm.  I had this whole thought of, oh I'll manage to go home first after work, freshen up and get dressed assuming that the show will not start until about 9 pm.

Usually people come in around half an hour after for a quick reception cocktail and resume the show.

I got there at 8, went to the venue and was in awe as I saw the crowd when I stepped in.  It was packed!  And even before I got to absorb what was going on, I already saw the models starting to flood the catwalk.

With the Superwoman behind the awesome brand CEECODE, the lovely Cynthia Pennikian

 My lovely date, Safiya.  And Alex who took our picture.  And my SBF who was nowhere to be found.

Check out FG10 for more details!

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