on the good hands of the Yu family!

I know it's so lame of me to post my holiday pics only after a month!  I've been very busy at work right after we return from our holiday not to mention, the shortened work timings due to Ramadan.  All this, unpacking and surviving without our Nanny to look after Kaedi has just been so crazy busy.

So... My first ever holiday to Philippines in 10 years for 10 days!  I can't imagine what can you possibly do in 10 days when all I'm looking forward to do is just eat native foods, street foods, massages, spa treatments and sleep.  It sounded so lame, so simple and very easy not realizing how challenging it would be to travel with a little monster called Kaedi Bear.

So yeah, that's how simple I pictured our mini holiday.  I was in complete shock when my Aunt started relaying the full itinerary and plans they have for us for the first 7 days.  When I saw it, I started asking myself how can something like that possibly materialize?

She was planning to take us from one city to the other for one full week!  And we're not talking about just driving from Dubai to Abu Dhabi or Sharjah.  It involve several hours of driving, something like 4 - 6 hours of driving!  And some required Domestic flights!

It was a huge mistake doubting her.  Her perseverance is incomparable!  And even before we get the chance to absorb all this, we've just landed and unpacking and started packing again for our small domestic trips.  It was a backpackers dream come true! 

We've spend a full week waking up in different cities, going home in between to unpack and pack again for the next route!

We barely felt the travel time and crazy weather soon as we step out of the car/plane.  They've taken us to so many beautiful places!

Thank you so much again to the Yu Family for making our holiday very memorable and accommodating us to your beautiful home!

I'll be posting the rest of the pictures shortly :)

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