Louboutin infused Barbie Dreams!

I'm a grown up Barbie who wants grown up things :)
Can she possibly get more fab than this?  Barbie in Louboutin!

I think that Barbie has played a major role in shaping every little girls fashion sense!  She is such a timeless style icon!

I can't tell you how many barbies I've had as a kid and how many of them remained with their beautiful shiny locks.  I've styled barbie in every single way and experimented in her clothes and hairstyle.  

I've shaved off her hair a thousand times before, believing that she's like a human...  Her hair, will eventually grow again.  Until after months and months of waiting, my grandma didn't know how to break it to me that it's not gonna happen :(

Dressing her up was quite challenging too, I didn't have so many clothes for her and so I've decided to make some.  But Grandma won't let me get any close to the needles at the age of 4, so I've decided to shower her with paste and glue and stick the fabrics to her as I splash her with bit of style :)

I'd take showers with her and clean her too as my grandma cleans me...  I have so many good memories with Barbie :)  Mostly, she'd experience every torture from me...  If only she can talk!

Cheers to Barbie for withstanding all this pain from me :)

Look at her now, she's never aged a day!

I am so jealous of her shoe collection!

Anemone Barbie

Barbie by Louboutin

Dolly Forever

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  1. super like! makes me fall in love with louboutin all over again <3