gone VEGAN!

This is something that never occurred to me before.  The possibility of turning Vegan even for just a day!  The mere fact that the word VEGETABLE does not even exist in my vocabulary makes me wonder even more.  All of my close friends knows that, I don't eat my veggies nor drink water...

But the food at Sonya's Garden is something completely different, with a big brave heart I slowly forked out a tiny leaf from a massive selection of greens and fruits...  It was only until the 4th serving that I've realized how much I enjoy every bit of it!  Finally, a salad made for me!

It was quite an experience, eating nothing but the freshest organic foods handpicked from their very own garden.  Falling asleep in a beautiful villa nestled in the middle of a man made forest listening to the sounds of the drizzling water and the cricket noise slowly fading as you fall deeper asleep.

Fall in love with NATURE and everything else organic whilst enjoying the art of doing nothing as I turn VEGAN at Sonya's Garden!

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