Okay, so this is something I really miss blogging about or you can say I've been so busy with so many other stuff that I somehow never had the time to think about my FASHIONABLE HOME!

I've started this blog due to my love for interior...  And somehow found/met so many other distractions.  Beautiful distractions!

So yesterday, I rushed and went shopping for furnitures and what not - the moment I reached Dubai.

I realized that we've just renewed our tenancy contract, which means we've been in our villa for a little over a year now!  And it's just simply not fair that I still haven't finished decorating our beautiful home.  Probably not this weekend but within the next coming weeks I shall start decorating once more and hopefully I'll finally finish it.

My main problem right now is my collection of vintage plates.  They are currently nicely displayed at the dining room but would want to start hanging them on the wall so my little one can't reach it.  And another major problem is the baby room, I can't seem to come up with a good design so I might need some wonderful suggestions from you guys :)

I shall post some pictures of the plates and baby room soon and I'd really appreciate your suggestions.  I hope you guys can help me in figuring out a way on how to hang my plates on the wall.

Oh, another problem!  I need yet another shoe closet but undecided whether I'll move them all in our room.  If I do that, our room would somehow start looking like a walk in closet and would lose it's comfy feel.

Thank you!

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