Tea for TWO

I am not a Tea person nor a connoisseur of any other hot drinks for that matter except Hot Chocolate on a chilly snowy day abroad.  But how can you possibly resist something so cute as these tea cups?  Add to that my love for cupcake!

I sometimes wish that I'd enjoy eating cupcakes as much as I enjoy staring at them.  But if the cupcake is from Sweet Stuff then we're not even having this coversation!  Sweet Stuff is the only cupcake my system accepts :)  Cupcakes are never cupcakes if it ain't from Sweet Stuff.  And speaking of which, I am dying to have cake pops right now!  Too bad it's not readily available.  Their cake pops are to die for!  Maybe I should place an order then,  so it'll be just in time for easter celebration next week!

So, my mum got me these beautiful teacups from Artikel over the weekend and I'm still deciding as to what do I do with it.  Maybe I'll make it a cupcake holder :)

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