For a pub grub?  The quality of the food is way too good!  It'll never disappoint.  Freshly prepared with equally fresh ingredients!

VENUE: 4.5/5
Brahaus is located at Jumeira Rotana Hotel towards the end of Diyafah Road.  Parking is quite difficult but the food is well worth it, so don't give up!  We went there early evening on Tuesday, there were very few people and really quiet so it's just perfect to enjoy your dinner.

Be careful when you order, the portion of the food in this pub is somewhat good for 2 people!  As you can see from the pics above, the portions are quite generous.  Alex and I ordered one main each but skipped the appetizers which we're really thankful after the mains were served.  They also give bread baskets for starters.

VALUE: 5/5
Pork is something that'll cost you in this country.  It's not something readily available anywhere.  The only restaurants that serves pork are the ones in the hotels which means you'll have to dish out some cash if you want some.  Surprisingly, each of our meal costs only around AED 90/- or so which is fairly cheap.

I rarely rate any restaurant 5/5 no matter how good the service/foodis, but this one is really well worth the trip and the unbeatable value is an added bonus!

Check out their site for more details.

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