Al Dana @ Crowne Plaza


It was a regular weeknight, definitely not a suitable time for fine dining since this is something Alex & I are trying to balance or rather reduce because we've noticed how often we've been doing it the last couple of months.  Ideally we are looking to do that between 2 to 4 times in a month at max so that includes a weekly brunch and a dinner/lunch for occassions.

It was date night and we can't think of anything to eat and Alex wasn't feeling so well so we've agreed on a healthy option.  Wagamama.  We went to the one in Crowne Plaza, I don't know what has gotten into me or how we ended up at the Hotel side but we thought, hey! Let's walk around and check, maybe we can eat elsewhere.

And after a few steps, we ended up at Al Dana.  We've started checking out the food, it was Seafood's night and before we knew it - we're already sitted somewhere in the corner and the rest is history.

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