QVQV Formula = my simplest way to rate the food/experience

WaterLemon is a Cafe Restaurant, for it's category - the food was very decent and quite tasty.  I am not usually fond of cafe foods because I think that these kind of restaurants are only meant to serve cocktails, coffee and some nibbles :)  Alex had the Steak & Fries with Mushroom Sauce and I had the Beef Roulade with Mashed Potatoes.  They have a very interesting desert menu but unfortunately we were so full after the meal and didn't get to try it.

VENUE: 3.5/5
The Cafe is very simple but the crowd on that day sort of made it feel like a cheap cafe on the street.  First off, the location in just opposite the Ice Rink - Dubai Mall which makes it pretty busy and quite loud already and on the day we've visited they were playing some football match on the TV Screen and a lot of people were there, just for drinks and cheering/watching.  That sort of killed the dining experience.

The serving is just perfect.  Perfect if you're hungry.  Not to little and not too much!

VALUE: 4.5/5
Steak & Fries for AED 75/- and my Beef Roulade for around 65/- I think.  I think that is very reasonable for a decent quality cafe food

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