I wanna JAM tonight!

 There's just no way I could possibly turn my thoughts nor my feelings into words.  Watching N.E.R.D. perform live was beyond amazing!

If it made me cry when I found out about their gig in Dubai, how do you think it made me feel while watching them?

I was so desperate to get myself into one of these 17-hours flight just to watch them in a small gig somewhere and fly back immediately after the gig.  I was once willing to travel to Warsaw over the weekend just to watch their 1 hour concert only to find out that the tickets were sold out.  And finally N.E.R.D. in Dubai?  Whoa!

I am completely lost for words and still walking on clouds!

I went camping on the venue from 6pm, left work early just to make it in front!  All I can say is, it was all beyond worth it!  And his winks at me just made my heart melt, thank God I managed to control myself :)

What's not to love about their concert?

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