What can you possibly buy with AED 5?

The Ultimate BARGAIN of the decade, white Tutu Skirt from H&M kids.

I went to H&M kids a couple of weeks ago to buy some clothes for my baby, Karsten Bear.  As I was browsing for his clothes, I can't help but notice a bunch of clothes on SALE somewhere in the corner.

I went around for a quick look and this is what I found, a very basic white tutu skirt - not even the best material but I know I could do something to rock it :)  So, this is me sporting a very relaxed ballerina look.  I've decided to pair it with an even more feminine top, some classy accessories and flat sandals for that casual feel.

And by the way, this tutu skirt cost only AED 5/-!!!  Can you beat that?

And in case you're curious, the size is for 14 yrs. old.  Thank God for my asian frame!

Beige Headband from Aldo, Lace Camisole from Topshop, White Tutu Skirt from H&M Kids, Pearl Necklace from Iconic, Antic Necklace from Claire's, Belt from For Love 21, Sandals from New Look, Bag from Juicy Couture


  1. love the accesssories!! and def a bargain!! wow 5dhs,... i bought a tutu shirt from h&m last year for 10dhs and i thought THAT was cheap.. well done! x

  2. Hello Cathy! Yes it is unbelievably cheap! How are settling there? Dee really misses you :(