Three Wishes

Hello!  I've started my day really early, went to Le Meridien Airport this morning for a meeting at 8am.  Yes, 8am!  Who holds meetings at 8am these days???  Yes the news is quite crucial, it can't wait another day and it just really had to happen this morning.  Massive changes at work and I'm not so looking forward to it.  What's the consolation for getting us up so early?  A decent breakfast with an egg station :)  So I got to work about 10am.  Alex and I swapped cars today because my uberly kind husband took some time off his comfort zone, got up really early and went to wash my car.  I am so lucky, I know!

Anyway... If I were a millionaire and financial obligation is something I can't even be bothered with and I could just randomly pick and buy whatever I want without having to check the price tag, these would be my 3 random buys today:

Badgley Mischka Fuller

Miu Miu Patent Leather Peep Toe Pump

Valentino Bow Embellished Lace Leather Pumps

And here's my ultimate dream shoe/boots.  It's not something new, this model came out sometime last year and I totally love it.  So, what sets me apart from this beautiful creature?  If you were reading my previous post, you would know my problem with buying a pair of boots.  So yeah, this is not one of those pairs that I could just simply buy online and return if it doesn't suit me :(  This is one of those pairs that I must try first before buying.  I really love the very simple and chic design of the Martin Margiela Cut Out Boots.  Drool over it ladies!

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