Studio 101

Look what I found!  Reminiscing on our first studio in Tecom Area.  Looking at these pictures brings back nothing but really fun memories!  It took us at least half a year to complete, rather got ourselves satisfied with the design.  Highly inspired by Apartment Therapy, most of the things in this house were meticulously hand picked.

I can't even remember how many arguements Alex and I have been through trying to agree with the design.

We lived in this studio for about 10 months I think, yes it took us 6 months to complete it and lived there for another 4 months or so.

I love everything about our first studio!  The theme was Black & White with a hint of pink :)

2 years have passed and we are now living in our third house in Dubai.  Nope, we don't own 3 houses.  It's the third time we moved to a rented apartment.  It's almost impossible for us to own a house in Dubai just yet.

We moved to Shorooq Mirdiff last May.  Our house is almost ready from the design perspective :)  We are now on 95% completion and hopefully will finish everything soon as I cannot wait to show the world our new pad!

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  1. so cute!!!!!! i love everything! can't wait to see how your new apartment looks like. i bet it's even nicer than this.