Structured Polka Skirt

Enjoying my last few days in skirts, one week to go till I get fashionably challenged due to Ramadan.

This is a skirt my mum got me a couple of days ago.  I love the structure!  And I love polka dots!  Isn't it fabulous?

Please excuse the annoyingly loud yellow nails, I need to visit N.Bar quickly for an emergency polish change.  I went to Spaces Salon over the weekend to do my bits of waxing and thought why not try their mani/pedi.  It was a very bad idea, they did such a lousy job.  The shade of yellow is perfect but the way they polished my nail is just completely a disaster :(

And this is me sporting my natural locks, the effortless messy unruly hair.

Pearl Necklace from Claire's, Black Top with ruffled collar from new Look, Structured Highwaist Skirt from Oasis and Black Shoes from Aldo

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