Hello Granny!

Rocking the Granny Look over the weekend.  This is a skirt I bought the night before and my friend Resham chose it for me.

I have so many things to blog but I've got almost no time to do it thanks to work :)

This has been one of the most successful weekend I had in ages!  I have accomplished so many things!  That sadly involves emptying our pockets.  We went furniture shopping, I just suddenly had this weird spur of the moment.  It all started with the camera, I know it sounds all too weird right now but will explain everything later :)

Cardigan from Zara, Tank Top from Forever 21, Skirt from Zara, Belt from For Love 21, Shoes from Aldo, Multi-color necklace from American Eagle, Pearls from Iconic

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  1. Love your skirt and shoes! You've got a nice blog. Hope you will follow my blog too. xoxo