Edland you're finally home!

Edland is our new beloved bed.  We went to Ikea over the weekend to get some legs for our sofa and for some reason I ended up with unnecessary buys yet again.  This is like a cycle that never ends!

We saw Edland from a distance and totally fell in love with it.  We've seen quite a few 4 poster beds before, but never really got into getting it because it's either too detailed or too dramatic for a very simple bedroom.

Alex and I are not a big fan of giant beds where we'll have to search for each other.  King/Queen size is just simply a big NO - NO!  The first one we've seen is a 160x200 which is way too big for our standard, it was quite disappointing as we really loved it's simple clean design.  It was just too big for us :(  We continued walking and found another one just before leaving, so we went to have a second look as we're somehow considering of getting it even if it's a little big because we really loved the design.  To our surprise, it was also available in 140x200!

We didn't really end up getting the bed as we've already splashed way too much money that day buying unnecessary decors to finally end my interior craze.

Not until yesterday that we've finally gave in and decided to get the bed!  Yet another unnecessary expense :(  I can't wait for Alex to install it and put it together!  I am really looking forward to sleep in our new bed hopefully over the weekend :)

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