Noodle Factory

We went to Arabian Center last night to do my bank transfer.  Kaedi fell asleep on our way to the mall so we've decided this is a perfect opportunity for us to eat and have a quiet dinner without having to worry of dealing with Kaedi's tantrums while eating.

We were gonna go to Nando's till I've decided to have a look at the menu of Noodle Factory which is just opposite.  Seafood udon in curry sauce sounded very appealing and we've decided to try it out since we haven't been to Wagamama eversince we moved to Mirdiff.  Alex had the Korean Noodles with Grilled Beef.  The service is average, the place is pretty chilled out and looking very corporate like(like somewhere you'd go for a business lunch).  The food is quite good and really filling, the serving of Alex's noodles is quite generous while my seafood udon is just average but good in a way because the sauce is too thick and it's really filling.

Alex's Korean Noodles is brilliant, very tasteful!  And the grilled meat is of steak quality, very tender and well marinated with a zesty twist.  The egg noodles is quite thick compared to the ramen noodles of Wagamama.

My seafood udon is just as good, except they didn't really use udon noodles which is mildly disappointing.  I love Udon noodles and that's one of the main reasons why I've ordered this particular dish.  They've used the same egg noodles they use for Alex's soup.  The curry sauce is very thick, the seafoods are battered(tempura like), it had an assortment of shrimps(ebi tempura), squid(calamari) and salmon.  The salmon is very dry and dull but the sauce made up for it.

I still prefer Wagamama's Seafood Udon because it has less curry sauce but rich in flavor, and juicy escalopes to top it up!

Seafood Udon in Curry Sauce

Korean Noodles with Grilled Beef

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