Have you ever abused a SALE?

I think I just did!

When American Eagle opened it's first flagship store a couple of months ago in Mirdiff City Centre, I was so excited for one reason.  American Eagle is like the Queen of Short Shorts, and I love short shorts to bits!  When I went to visit, I somehow ended up leaving the mall with an empty hand.  Simply because I thought AED 180 - 250/- is just a little expensive for a short shorts.

Last week, my husband came home telling me that my mum asked him to tell me that American Eagle is on sale and that was I think Wednesday.  So, I wasn't really supposed to go there anytime soon but when I called my husband last Thursday on my way home he told me that he'll be working a little later.  My way home is literally from Mirdiff City Centre, I had to go from their parking to escape the traffic outside and get on the road to our house.  I kind of don't like waiting, and so when I entered the mall parking I've just decided to grab a parking spot and check out American Eagle.

They're on SALE, and when I say SALE, I really meant SALE like I somehow feel like I can afford to buy the whole shop!  They're on sale for 30% - 70% on selcted items.

These are just some of my picks, so it'll give you an idea of what to expect when you go there.

And this is what ended up in my bag!

15 x short shorts
2 x pants
7 x skirts
6 x bra
15 x lace undies

Original price for everything would cost about AED 7000/-!!!  And I got it for even less than half!

The biggest bargain I got are the pants which they were selling for AED 200/- and now for only AED 25/-!!!

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