10 things I love about our new home!

On a non-fashion related news, our house is finally taking shape.

Alex and I have been married for almost 2 years only and this is our third house already!

This is our first studio apartment in Tecom Area where we lived for almost 10 months.

Around July last year, we've found out that I was pregnant and that pushed us to our next move. It was also in the same building, just one floor lower and a little bigger unit.

May 2010, the latest move! We've been driving around areas and checking out for apartments during our weekends as we refused to search for places on the net. We found this very beautiful villa in Shorooq Mirdiff and fell in love with it. It's not perfect but I loved the layout. Their office was close then so we've decided to come back on a Sunday to book the place. Here comes Sunday and an unfortunate news. All Villas are taken! Alex was practically begging the agents to spare us a unit :( We were put on a waitlist. Alex was literally calling them every single day. He promised me that we're not moving anywhere else but there! With enough perseverance, Alex was able to secure us a unit. YAY! We did had a second option which was SARATOGA, the same building as Traffic Art Gallery. I guess AED 120K for a 2 bedroom apartment during recession is just plain expensive, the quality of the apartment definitely justifies the price tag but I guess we needed something more economical. Why pay 120K when you can get the same unit elsewhere or in the same area for 85K?

Here's a sneak peak of our new villa.

1. We are paid in advance with our apartment in Tecom until the beginning of July 2010. Unfortunately, they refused to refund the money and so we are stucked with it :( As for the new villa, it was a last minute cancellation and we definitely cannot afford to miss that opportunity. What do we do? We had to sacrifice by paying for 2 units for 2 months. It's hell of a waste. I could've done a pretty good shopping with that amount of money but we really loved the villa. Hence sacrifice is the only option. Since regret won't take us anywhere further, we've just tried taking it positively by thinking this way... 'This is good, we have 2 houses right now and we could really start working and preparing the other one before our big move.' We've always wanted to paint our walls but never really had the chance because we're always excited moving to a new place. So, here's our painted wall :)

2. We are saving about AED 500/-per month, okay it's not that much but our unit is a lot bigger than the other apartment that turns out to be more expensive. AED 500/- give me an additional pair of shoes every month, Yay for more shoes!

3. It's just few blocks away from my parents! So I drop Kaedi off to my parents every morning and pick him up after work. When we used to live in Tecom, we'd leave home at 7am and drop off Kaedi to Alex's parents who lives in Springs. I'd normally reach work around 8:15-8:20. I am working in Jebel Ali Downtown. Here's our new itinerary, we leave home at 7am, Alex and I drops off Kaedi to my parents then I drop off Alex to work which is in Silicon Oasis and I'd reach work even earlier! My work starts at 08:30 and I'm at work already from 8am. The distance from our new villa to my office is twice as much as from Tecom to my office but it goes a lot faster. Isn't that awesome? I'm not a big fan of Traffic so it really
matters to me.

4. Chin Chin delivers to our doorstep! Chinese Food isn't something I'd go for fine dining, it's a big 'NO' for an overpriced well presented Chinese Food. Chinese Food to me is traditionally stereotypically for take away and delivery only. Chin Chin is my fave Chinese takeaway and this is something I'd always order whenever I come to visit my parents in Mirdiff. Their 'Prawns in Black Bean Sauce' is just simply amazing paired with fried rice and clear chicken soup. Not to mention it's very affordable too!

5. Mirdiff City Centre - need I say more? MCC has instantly become my favorite mall for many reasons! It's not too big just like every other mall and it has most of the brands I love located almost next to each other! Not so big mall with very little unnecessary shops! And it's just 5 minutes away from our new home, just one straight road!

6. I love cooking but I rarely have the time to cook these days. I have not cooked for maybe at least 3 months now and our daily survival varies from dining out, take aways and home deliveries. I am very choosy when it comes to food, I'm a big eater and I choose what I eat by it's taste and not by it's fat and calories content. Diet never existed in my vocabulary. I'm not a big fan of Food Court and Fast Food. My fast food choice is very limited and that includes Taco Bell & Noon O' Kabab which are both available at MCC. I'm a big fan of Iranian Kabab compared to Arabic & Mediterranean. Nando's is just around the corner too and they do deliver. We are even closer to Capri Italian Grill now.

7. We are a lot lot lot closer now to our favorite steakhouse. We've been very faithful to Uno's Chicago for the last 5 years until one boring afternoon when we've discovered Outback Steakhouse! It's very unfortunate that Uno's changed their meat supplier and chefs. Not to mention the deteriorating service because Uno's has just opened another branch at MCC. So yeah, Outback Steakhouse - now open in Dubai Festival City!
8. Pottery Barn Kids & Ikea - both conveniently located near our house. This is actually very dangerous for someone like me. I don't only enjoy shopping for clothes but I do enjoy interior decorating too and unnecessarily shopping for furnitures goes a long long way.

9. I love how the interior of our new home turned out!

10. We are now even closer to American Hospital, we all are Hospital regulars :) Especially Alex who goes to the hospital for the smallest thing on earth.

I could easily go on with another 10 but I guess this is good bye for now as I need to continue working. I hope I didn't bore you much :)

~I would like to thank Alex for keeping his promise, letting me choose the colors of the wall and letting me design the house :) I love you bear!

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